Uplevel Your Biz Mastermind

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Hey girl! Are you ready to be the boss in your business and start thinking like a CEO?!

I’m Jenna! I teach all the online marketing strategies that help you grow your bottom line, allowing you to work less, yet earn more so that you have more time to spend with family, friends, and out and about doing whatever the heck you please.

I am all about business automation, systems, and outreach.

Owning your own business does not have to be stressful and time-consuming, all of the time. Sure there will be moments of hustle, but if you scale your business correctly (hello automation!) and remain in line with your core values and beliefs you can work less, yet earn more!

I can't wait to share all of my secrets with you!

Right now you’re feeling overwhelmed just thinking about how you are going to run a successful business that doesn’t take up all of your time.

I get it! I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed.

In October 2015, I had a brand new business that had my mind racing a mile a minute. I was training clients in person, hosting live events and seminars, and working a separate full-time job.

The more money I made the harder I had to work.

When I was 6-weeks postpartum with my daughter, I decided that my ideal day would include just 3 hours of work.

So, I re-designed my programs to fit my new ideal! I started putting systems into my business like:

  • A referral system so my clients that were getting great results felt excited to pass my name on to their friends and family (and I didn’t have to hunt for so many clients). Customer satisfaction is NOT enough. If your customers are just satisfied, then you are on the verge of drowning and I don't want that for you!
  • A sales funnel so leads could join my email list and hear from me frequently without me sitting down and writing to them every single day
  • Getting paid for speaking so I could make money while getting my message out there to the world and signing clients (what’s better than that?!)

Yes I had to put some back-end work into getting here, but now I have a structure and system that I share with Up-Level clients to help them live this lifestyle too!

Now I am working less and earning more, which allows me to spend more time on myself and with my family!

You are absolutely ready to Up-Level and create a lifestyle of freedom for yourself.

There is no need to keep playing the business guessing game.

With the support of myself, the Mastermind Community and Agency Services, you will have everything you need in getting the success that you desire in your business, but also in getting the life that you want and deserve. After all, if your business mission is not in line with your lifestyle vision then will you ever really be happy? Probably not.


  • 1:1 Access to Jenna with Voxer Coaching + Full Service Agency Access. The Agency is a team of business professionals/VA's organized and managed by an OBM (Online Business Manager). I have not seen this format anywhere else, have you?!
  • Private Facebook group for members where you can dive in with questions, collaborate, network, and form life-long partnerships.
  • 8 momentum-building modules with a workbook and audio version so that you can consume however you'd like + checklists that you will need to literally check off once complete.
  • Our focus is business growth through automation, systems, and outreach strategies. Modules include (but are not limited to) Mindset, Reserach, Getting Started, Program Design, Tax & Legal, Automation, Funnels, and Facebook Ads.


We are looking for a shift here. We may revisit the past few months to reflect on what has been working for you, but future goal setting will be our main priority. Describing what growth means to you and what it looks and feels like. We will get intimately familiar with your ideal client's frustrations, pain-points, challenges. The more we know about our clients and their real world problems, the more we can speak to their dreams.

You will define your purpose, map out the steps in your program, and create resources and products that allow you to repurpose content and make a sale (at minimum) every single day.



We will dive into the market research process. The research and planning stage is vital in program creation. If you skip this step you will feel as though you are marketing without any real direction and your prospects will sense that. We'll do the research together and bounce ideas off of each other, test the marketplace and find a strategy that works for you.

Determining the bare minimum that you have to do in order to get your clients to see the end result. We will discuss elements such as calls, community space, content, and add-ons for an incredible up-sell.


More Coming Soon!


More Coming Soon!


As soon as you receive a "HECK YES" you need to have your legal stuff in order. We will work through your contracts and tax documents to make sure you have all the disclaimers and questionnaires ready to deliver as soon as payment is received. I was a corporate paralegal for 6 years, so you are in good hands! We will touch on S-Corps vs. LLC vs. contractors, disclaimers, copyright and policies, employees vs. independent contractors, + more!



We will focus on business automation - my absolute favorite! You will learn how to sell without selling, how to actively sell every single day without necessarily showing up for your list, your group, your people day in and day out. You will learn how much you are worth and start charging your worth. You will also learn how to diversify your income. 



We will learn everything there is to know about marketing funnels, sales page design, email marketing, ladder posts, outreach (individual, collaborations, networking, affiliate partnerships).


We are going to learn everything there is to know about how to run a successful facebook ad. You will learn how to leverage facebook ads for your marketing strategy. Facebook ads can transform your business's social reach without hurting your budget. The data you collect through facebook ads allows you to improve your ad targeting for a more efficient and effective advertising experience. You will determine your objectives, get really specific on your audience targeting, and learn how to rotate your ads regularly.


Here's what people are saying:

"In our time working together, Jenna helped me go from virtually nothing to creating a complete group coaching course that will eventually be turned into a passive income package. She helped me focus on what was important and put blinders on so I wasn’t spending what precious time I had on things that weren’t helping me build my business. I really needed to narrow in my target market rather than trying to talk to everyone. Now I have the knowledge and tools to be on my way to coaching full-time!"
"Ohhhh my gosh! Jenna saved my butt this week from shying away from what might be the best and biggest opportunity for my biz! I knew I needed to get on the phone with someone who'd be able to walk me through strategy, talk me off the ledge a bit and assure me that I was taking my ideas for my health coaching business and the book I'm writing all down the right path together for the next several months. In 30 minutes we had a clear strategy outlined, she gave me a ton of tips that I hadn't even considered and even pointed out a few resources that I could take advantage of. I am confidently moving forward with my ideas knowing that I have sound advice from someone I trust with my business success who has my best interest in mind. Ladies...even if you're not "ready" either financially or at that point in your biz to invest in a full-on coaching program with Jenna, you should still consider hourly time for coaching with her when you need help but are not sure where to turn. I literally could't put a price on the call we just had because I know going forward that this strategy has the potential to make me a mega success and really put me on the map as an author and coach. If you're struggling in silence then reach out for help! You'll be so glad you did. Thanks again, Jenna! <3 <3 <3"
"Working with Jenna has been a game-changer for my business. In just a few weeks, I've learned more and done more work for my business than in the last year combined. Jenna was always very available to encourage me and answer any questions I had. I will definitely be working with her again because she knows her stuff!"
"I have loved working with Jenna and her team! She has been so helpful in getting my Facebook group up-and-running, as well as building my initial email series (and her team even transferred everything from MailChimp to Active Campaign for me! So much of a headache lifted off my shoulders!). I also have a partnership with a MLM, and the strategies Jenna teaches perfectly coincide with effective strategies in that marketplace as well. Jenna has always been open and honest about everything - from content creation strategies to implementation. Thank you Jenna for all you've done for me!"
"I came to Jenna at a crossroad in my life. I had a dream and a passion, was starting to have my own success but wanted to take it to the next level and help others. After our first phone call I knew she would be the one to help me move past my dreams and help make them a reality. Jenna challenged me. She helped me believe in myself and helped me see what I had to offer others. She pushed me to share my story of difficulty and in doing so, helped others see not only the real me, but show my value in helping them as well. She showed me vulnerability can be very rewarding and healing. Jenna has been a support, a confidante, a listener, and a challenger through our time together. I can't imagine NOT having her in my corner and grateful for every second I have learned from her."
"Jenna was my sanity saver. I had just completed a 16 week group program with a business coach and had so much information thrown at me and wasn't sure what to do with it all. It's so hard to actually implement much of the information in a group setting. Plus, coming from spending 11 years in the corporate world, I was completely lost in the online business world and trying to create my back end systems and implement all the steps of business building, like sales funnels. I'm one of those people that needs to have a good foundation going before I jumped out into the online world so I needed that in place first. Jenna was so patient with me and walked me through the entire process, step by step and also provided me so much more help than just the back end system implementation. She was willing to go above and beyond to help me, logging into my accounts to get things done when I was feeling frustrated. She talked me down a few times when I felt like quitting. While working with Jenna, I was able to quit my 9-5 job with confidence knowing that she was teaching me all of the tools that I needed to create my back end system and begin implementing everything that I had learned from my group program (and so much more!) that I needed to know to succeed! She also helped me strategize on FaceBook and Instagram, which were both completely new to me. During my time with Jenna, I successfully launched a group program and got a rock solid foundation built for my business which is almost fully automated! I honestly would not have been able to do all of this if I had not hired Jenna. She understood my business (which is pretty unique) and overall, she "got me". I didn't have to explain to her what my business was all about because she really took the time to understand it and help me stand out. She took the time to get to know me and my passions and every thing I stood for. Hiring Jenna for the 1:1 help that I needed to make my business grow was the best investment I have ever made for myself. If I had tried to DIY myself through it, I would probably be at least a year behind from where I am now!"
"I enjoy having you as a business smentor. I have been using some of the marketing techniques that I learned. It TRUELY has been making a different in our engagement and sales for our event!"
"I just wanted to tell you I'm so thankful we connected and are working together! This past year has been so insane. A year ago started a fitness business, which didn't really go anywhere and at the same time I was working with a doula agency (I had been with for a few years) that was taking advantage of me SO MUCH. I dreamt of incorporating prenatal fitness into what I was doing, but was getting really bad advice from the doula agency I was with. I was truly believing that I could never do this on my own. Then I tried going the fitness route, but it wasn't working. It took me a long time to realize that I had to find my own way, in MY business. The one that existed inside ME. Not what anyone else was telling me would or wouldn't work, or even what I thought I should be doing. It really took some deep soul searching. Now I'm doing it and it's awesome. And I'm so thankful were working together and to have your guidance! You are doing awesome stuff lady! Especially for us work at home mom's, with big dreams!!!"
"I loved the webinar I joined that Jenna was hosting. From that I felt motivated to take up her free discovery call. The whole process was well organised even though we live in different time zones. Jenna was so welcoming and warm. She not only gave me ideas for my business-such as my business tag line but she wasn't forceful in "telling" me which road to go down. She let me explore my dreams for my business. From our discussion she gave me ideas around my opt-In. As my business was still in the planning process it was so nice to have a fresh pair of eyes supporting me. In the one call Jenna was able to put together a email funnel process that would help me nurture my clients as well as the systems I could use. I'm so glad I came across Jenna via Facebook. Even though I couldn't book more sessions with her at the time, she has been constantly adding value to my business. If this is the level of service she is providing for free, Just imagine what her paid service is like! Truely worth every penny if you are thinking of investing in your business. Don't waste any more time thinking about working with her and her team. Go for it."
"Before working with Jenna I did not have a cohesive sales funnel. I had several components but was hesitant to implement, lacking confidence and strategy. Jenna understands the importance of helping her clients grow their business as they utilize sales funnels to increase revenue. I love how she broke down tasks with deliverables into five categories; purpose, intention, inward tasks, outward tasks and strategic tasks. She provided suggestions, areas of opportunities and ideas to better utilize my opt-in and emails to nurture relationships and reach my goals. Jenna is a clear thinker. Her approach is results oriented with a message of ‘implement now’! She gently pushes her clients beyond their comfort and towards results."
"If you are considering upgrading your CRM from MailChimp to Active Campaign, I HIGHLY recommend Jenna and her team! It took only two days, and it was seemless! Plus, it saved me a huge headache and lots of valuable time for a very reasonable cost."




Join The Uplevel Your Biz Self-Study and you will receive:

  • A coach who is going to tell it to you LIKE IT IS. No sugar coating, and who will not let you off the hook with excuses.
  • Accountability to make sure you've checked off everything necessary for market research so you have a true direction and your audience sees you as a leader.
  • Access to your own personal VA to use for the entire length of the program.
  • Access to the business membership portal that houses The Up-Level Vault, including:
  • Facebook ads training e-course.
  • Step-by-step program/service creation for 1:1, groups and passive products.
  • Contracts, forms, sales copy and phone scripts that book clients in a heartbeat.
  • Outreach strategies that have your people screaming from the rooftops excited to work with you.

Lets review the foundation of your business, organize your systems and get your technology under control.

At this point in your career, you might have a decent foundation for your business. Maybe you are experiencing some great client-retention, being referred to others, and you feel that you are decent at individual outreach. But now you are ready to officially call this hobby a business and focus on your back-end system integration so that your business runs itself ON AUTOMATE! You might have joined a group program or mastermind and learned a little bit about a lot of different things, but you are yearning for MORE! You feel as though you are stuck in a community bubble or a coaching bubble and you are ready to branch out and view your business from a different angle.

You are smart enough to understand that one coaching program cannot teach you everything and you realize that in order to up-level you need to keep investing and stop hoarding your money. You are ready to focus on scaling your business and have come to the realization that the end result doesn’t exist and you will always want more for yourself and your business - it’s natural.




Ready to Get Started? Have a Question? Let's talk about it. Don't be shy!