The Agency

Your Digital Marketing & Launch Support Agency

We help driven entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality by fully supporting them in the launch process, from strategy, through plan to implementation.

Rachel Shewmaker: Your Social Media Manager

Rachel has 15 years in the private sector working retail, finance and project management. The energy, passion and excitement she experiences while working with Solopreneurs and small business owners gives her the drive to continue growing her business. Rachel is committed to the success of her clients and is thrilled to have them as key partners in her success.

The freedom and responsibility of running her own business has been life changing. Rachel absolutely loves being home and having the flexibility of spending time with her three children. But, without her clients she wouldn’t be able to live this dream she is currently living. She is 100% dedicated to her clients and takes their trust and reliance on her very seriously.

Rachel knows what it takes to make a dream and a business grow and thrive. It’s happening in her life and she cannot wait to help make it happen in your life through her partnership with The Jenna Carelli Agency!

Brandie Larson: Your Graphic Designer

Every brand has a story to tell – a story told through beautiful design. Brandie helps clients find their design essence and breathe life into it color, by color.

Brandie currently works as a graphic design wingman, collaborating with online business managers and coaches. Her specialties include social media design, ad concepts, illustrations, branding and opt-in pages.

When Brandie is not working, she loves hiking around her home state of Minnesota with her family of 2 teen girls and great husband. She is an avid horse enthusiast, owning a lovely horse, Dreamer. Her love of drawing also means entering many art competitions.

Brandie is very excited to team up with Jenna to bring the Agency to life. From the moment she met Jenna, she was drawn to her vision. Brandie sees a large need for professional services that make clients stand out in a crowd. She says that your image is the first impression of your company, make it a great one!


Samoa Blanchet: Your Web and Tech Guru

Samoa is a Business Beast with an untameable passion for creating killer million-dollar brands for passion-driven entrepreneurs with a special process. It’s a 3-step process and the best part is that it only takes 5 days so you can get back to business. She’ll also be there for up to two weeks after your launch to be your sidekick and your biz bestie as you see fit!

Samoa’s process focuses on your brand, your direction and design, and what’s most important to you to help you stand out in your industry. When your clients see your brand, they’ll KNOW that you’re the one for them. She is a 19 year old millenpreneur who’s so excited about her own business and helping others with theirs! She strongly believes in collaboration over competition and thinks that we can all be successful if we are united.

This is one of the biggest reasons why Samoa is so excited to be working with my team as the web and tech guru for the Agency. Samoa can’t wait to build better businesses with you all!

Lacey Cahill: Your Tech Wizard

Lacey is a tech wizard with a blackbelt in Google-fu! She loves all things system and enjoys working her magic behind the scenes. Lacey has a passion for supporting other women in business and loves helping them reach their goals!
When Lacey isn’t hanging out online making magic happen she can be found snuggling her St. Bernard and 2 cats, binge watching Netflix, or enjoying a delicious craft beer. She’s full of sass and loves to laugh and thinks you should play as hard as you work.
Lacey is super excited to be a part of the Agency and looks forward to supporting her team and clients, making all their tech dreams come true!

Jen Sabillon: Your Copywriter/Content Creator

Jen absolutely loves working with people who find writing difficult or just don’t have time for it! She enjoys taking that off their plate so they can worry about other important things! What she loves most is creating amazing content that allows freedom for business owners while still creating money flow for them! It’s a win-win for everyone.

When Jen is not knocking out writing, she is taking care of her two sweet little boys – Liam and Levi. They are simply the lights of her life. Her husband, Christian, is incredibly supportive and loving and she is blessed to be living this life!

Jen lives in beautiful Charleston, SC! Summers are hot and winters are chilly. But the southern sunshine kisses her skin every day, and she loves it! She enjoys time relaxing by any type of water and reading a good book! She’s a total sucker for teen dramas. She’s also a drama and reality tv show junkie. Give her “The Challenge” on MTV or “Orange is the New Black” any day!

Jen is stoked to be here and working on this amazing team. She guarantees that you will get exceptional service and amazing content no matter the facet! Let’s do this!