Systems Checklist

A ton of information on different systems that I have come across during my time working as a Nutrition and Business Coach. These are tools, resources, websites, platforms, etc. that allow you to automate your business or make it much more efficient. If your systems aren’t already making you good money, this checklist is exactly what you need.

Email Welcome Series Madlib

Don’t have a copywriter? No problem! Create your welcome series in minutes! If you are having trouble pinpointing your authenticity and sharing what makes you unique with your audience, this is for you! This pdf will help you create your story and put together all 7 emails in your welcome series.

Conquering Your Content Strategy

Check everything off of this list and you will be well on your way to conquering your content strategy. This checklist will give you everything you need in order to automate your business and make booking clients and recruiting team members super easy!

Sprint For It Booklet

Looking to deplete extra glycogen stores and see faster fat loss results? This booklet will give you several sprint workouts that you can do on your street or at the local track.

21 Comfort Foods Recipe Ebook

A recipe book full of comfort food recipes that the whole family will love.

6 Week At-Home Boot Camp

Circuit-style workouts that you can complete from the comfort of your home.

5 Week In-Gym Boot Camp

Circuit-style workouts that can be completed in a home-gym or commercial gym.

Fat Loss in Minutes Method

Goal: Rapid Fat Loss

What to expect:
• Low carb(ish)
• No tracking
• Sample approved food list (low or no)
• Sample approved 1x/day list (choose 1 or 2, depending on goals)
• Nothing off limits, just strategic manipulation without food tracking applications, food scales, or measuring tools
• Exercise will be tracked in minutes per week. Join the program to learn about this method
• Exercise ideas will be given
Don’t worry about calories.
Don’t worry about carbs.
Don’t worry about fat.
Don’t worry about protein.
Don’t worry about structure.
>> Program drops on 7/17